The Popular Flat Cap

Flat caps have long been one of the most practical hat styles. For the working man it has been a staple of clothing for centuries. Helping to keep the head warm, and also convenient to transport as it is easy to just fold up and place in a pocket, it is clear why the flat cap is such an enduringly popular style.

In modern times the flat cap has come into its own, not just as a practical item of clothing but also as an item that you can wear as a fashion statement. The flat cap has also been revived partly as a result of the success of the television series Peaky Blinders.

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Irish flat caps like this are a versatile item of clothing that are well worth having in your wardrobe. If you are working outdoors or like to spend a lot of time outside for leisure, they will help to keep your head warm!

They are also great for smarter wear – one of the places that you will see a lot of flat caps is at the racecourse! Paired with matching tweed jackets and warm jumpers, the flat cap manages to be both practical and stylish as a choice for wearing to the races.

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Something else that is now seen more often is purely wearing a flat cap as a fashion look rather than for practicality reasons. The main thing to remember regardless of what you are planning on wearing the cap with is to make sure that you measure your head to get the right size before you buy.

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