Reasons to Make Your Own Crochet Tops

Crochet tops have been making waves in the fashion world, especially for the past few years. For starters, they are relatively inexpensive and customisable, and you can crochet different tops for different body types. And, as a bonus, you can try on your creations as you go!

If you’re interested in trying your hand at this craft, the first step is to pick out a suitable pattern. There are a variety of patterns available on the internet, and many of them are free and easy to follow. However, you may need to spend a few pounds if you’re interested in designing your own.

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Most patterns include various size options for a specific size of garment. The amount of yarn you’ll need depends on the pattern and the desired fit. It’s a good idea to test different yarn weights and gauges before committing to a project. To find handy Crochet Kits, go to

Some popular designs include ponchos, lacey overlays, and tunics. You can also find patterns that combine a few of these designs into one stylish garment. These tops are perfect for summer or winter.

While the most obvious choice for tops is cotton, there are many other materials. For example, acrylic yarn is machine-washable and comes in many colours. Another popular material is merino wool, which keeps you cool and warm.

You can use a nifty stitch to make your crochet tops sparkle. A half-double crochet creates a very slick-looking piece of fabric with tiny holes. On the other hand, a herringbone half double crochet produces a fabric with a knit-like texture.

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One of the best reasons to make your top is that you get to pick out your colour combinations, and this makes your garment a unique statement. Even better, you can customise it by adding fabric to the hem and making it shorter or longer, if necessary.

It’s common for a good crop top to require at least three skeins of yarn. You’ll also want to check your thread’s yardage to stay supplied. Using the appropriate yarn for the top you’re working on is also a smart move. For instance, a lightweight cotton yarn is ideal for a summer top, while a heavier-weight yarn might be better for a winter garment.

Creating your tops is a great way to show off your crafting skills. It is important to enjoy the experience, not to fret about a finished product that may not be perfect. After all, no two handmade pieces are ever the same.

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