Five things to consider when buying a wallet

There are several things to consider when buying a wallet. Today, many people use wallets to carry their valuables, from their banknotes to their ID cards and credit cards, so they are important for keeping everything organised and secure. You need a wallet that suits your requirements rather than you having to adapt to your wallet.

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Despite the functionality, organisation and security that wallets provide, they are also a fashion statement. Let’s take a look at five important considerations:

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What design are you looking for? Wallets often come as tri-fold or bi-fold, usually with different compartments for your cards, banknotes and receipts. Tri-fold wallets are usually bigger than the bi-fold, with more space due to their additional flap; however, there are some less bulky trifold wallets, such as the black Secrid wallet from a stockist such as EJ Menswear. The black Secrid wallet is more slimline and less chunky than some wallets, which may be important for your comfort and needs.


How many compartments do you want in your wallet? If you want to separate your notes, you may want a wallet with two compartments for these. If you carry lots of cards, you may want a wallet with more card space. You may also want space for your coins.


Wallets come in different materials. One of the most popular materials is leather, with its benefits including durability and water-resistance. Wallets in nylon and plastic materials are also popular.


Remember that your wallet is also a fashion statement, so the colour is important. Browns and blacks are the most popular colours for wallets. Choose a colour that will suit you and your style and won’t jar with your day-to-day outfits.


There are different types of wallets, from money clips to credit card holders, breast wallets and billfold wallets. Each is designed with a different purpose in mind. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple or don’t have a lot to carry around with you, a money clip, cardholder or breast wallet will be perfect and won’t take up too much space.


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