You will be something more, not just my fan

I have heard your complaints, I feel that you have felt lonely and forgotten, that you could have thought that you were just a number for me. I’ve realized that I really need you, I want you to be an active part of my life, I do not want you to just figure in it, but act. I’m going to put everything on my part to prove it, here are my purposes, which I intend to put into practice right now:

I’ll get to know you better, find out your tastes, hobbies, who you relate to and even the time you spend on Facebook. I’m going to decipher all the secrets of Facebook’s Edgerank. This may sound like Chinese to you, it’s the algorithm created by Mr. Zuckemberg’s offspring to decide what information to show on your wall; I want to be a firm candidate to occupy a preferential place. I promise to consult Facebook Insights at least once a day, and the Edgerank checker will be the star that guides me to know when and how to find you.

I promise to listen to you, to know more things about you every day. I know you are very demanding, you have set the bar very high to get close to you, that is why my commitment is going to be greater than the others. I’ll think about you, what’s more, I’ll put myself in your place; Act as a professional and think as a client. I also plan to discover what my competition does; It is always good to know the movements of my peers, who knows if I can learn something good from their practices.

I will not disappoint you with irrelevant content. You know I have to talk about my company, but I will find a way to do it in a fun and interesting way. I have many ideas and news to tell you. I will work hard to surprise you every day with new proposals, and activities; I have many photos to show you, I know you like to share them and I have even prepared videos … Everything will go with links so you can expand your information whenever you want; I am aware that you attach great importance to the fact that publications have an added value.

I want to be on your list of chosen ones, those to whom you turn to share your moments of leisure in this social network. When you decide to create these new classifications, I will do everything possible so that you can choose me; so you will always have me at hand.

I will not saturate your wall with a multitude of publications. As much you will know about me once a day, enough for you to take me into account and awaken your interest in my message. In no case I pretend to overwhelm you. I will plan a content strategy and develop a calendar of updates to keep everything well organized. I will approach you slowly, but surely, I want to lay a solid foundation for our relationship.

My message will be exclusive and original, I’m not going to tell you the same thing on Facebook as on Twitter or on other social platforms. I understand that nobody likes to have things repeated; I prefer to tell you once well, that many and in any way. You will feel very proud of belonging to my community, you will have special advantages that will be the envy of everyone you tell them about. Now I will also soon have the opportunity to offer coupons for free, so I will not have an excuse to fill you with attention.

I’m going to show you my most human side, I do not want you to think of me as a cold and distant being, but as someone close, a somewhat special friend, with his virtues and eccentricities. It is unlikely that we will stay for a coffee, but I am sure that I can help you when you need it and we can even chat. This communication 2.0 has this kind of advantages ..

You will see how soon you will forget that you have felt displaced and you will feel that you occupy a preferential position in my online world. You are no longer just a fan; but someone with whom I will have a special connection. I hope you can see for yourself soon.

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