Hosting your own film festival

During the lockdowns people suddenly found they had a lot of time on their hands and had a great opportunity to spend time with the people they lived with or family. As the weeks and days ground on they turned to Streaming services and their old DVDs for entertainment. Some even held mini film festivals. Now that things are back to some kind of normal there is the chance to do it all over again, but this time you can do it with a proper Luxury Home Cinema Plymouth based can provide. With a projector, screen and sound systems you can really do the films you watch some justice.

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There are plenty of ideas for your film festival. For example if you fancy a Tolkien Fest then you have all the Hobbits and the Lord of the Rings films to choose from. You can stretch out the films over 6 days or try and watch them all in one go! Be advised this does mean about 19 hours of Middle Earth. If you want an even longer festival than the Nine Star Wars films might be a consideration. Longer than that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could take you up to a month if you include the TV series that go with it.

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With your own Cinema you can have people dress up as their favourite character and even have themed food with cups and plates.

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