UK advertisers get big on mobile advertising

During 2012-2016,  the number of clicks recorded by users in mobile ads has increased significantly, so advertisers have decided to increase the budget for mobile advertising, according to Marin Software.

The Global Report on mobile advertising reflects that the percentage of clicks on pay-ads in mobile search results was 14.8% in January 2012, while in December this figure rose to 24.4%. It is estimated that this growth was due to the increase of the use of the smartphone by the consumers to look for information on products.

Another very important fact that reflects the study is that the CTR is much higher than in the desktop version. Specifically, in smartphones is 5.87% in the United Kingdom, in the case of tablets of 3.93% and in the computer only 2.29%. In addition, the cost-per-click on mobile devices is more economical than the desktop version (£ 0.15 vs. £ 0.30). What makes this type of advertising even more profitable.

Marin Software believes that the conversion rate of the mobile search platform ads will match that of the web version ads this year. At the moment, computers are still in the lead, with 4.1%, while smartphones are 1.5% and tablets 2.6%.

The study highlights that the UK is at the head of Europe, recording the highest mobile CTR, only surpassed worldwide by the United States. As a result, advertisers plan to increase their mobile advertising budget by 94%, from 9.94% to 19.32%.

According to Jon Myers, Commercial Director of EMEA at Marin Software, UK consumers have willingly embraced mobile devices, both smartphone and tablet, which has fostered the development of mobile advertising as well as mcommerce. It is worth mentioning the good response of the users of the tablets to this type of ads, which represents an opportunity for the brands, who can orient their strategy to this type of devices in order to improve the convertibility.

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