More than 60% of companies do not know how to measure the impact of their advertising on social networks

80% of Internet users have a profile registered in a social network, an area where companies want to capture their audience. As a result, 3 out of 4 brands include social advertising within their marketing strategy, however 62% are not able to measure the effectiveness of such actions, according to Uberflip.

70% of companies allocate a maximum of 10% of their marketing budget to social media advertising; While only 13% invests more than 20%. Although this percentage may seem somewhat reduced, the total volume is not so much. In 2012, Facebook posted advertising revenue in excess of $ 4.3 billion; For its part LinkedIn touched the billion and Twitter stayed close to 300 million. These are important figures, which indicate the interest of brands in reaching their target audience through social channels.

What do the brands want to achieve with their Social Media advertising?

  • When setting a target, only 15% expect a direct response from users.
  • More than half of the advertisers intend to increase the visibility of their brand, an objective that can be difficult to measure; Hence more than 60% have problems in calculating the impact of their actions.
  • On the other hand, a third of the advertisers aims to achieve both visibility and an immediate reaction to their advertising, an objective that, due to its dual intentions, may also have a lower effectiveness.

Do ads work on social networks?

According to data provided by Nielsen, 14% bought some product in response to advertising on social networks, 26% said that ad liked or interacted in some way, and 15% shared it.

When designing an advertising strategy in social networks, brands must be very clear about what reaction they intend on the part of their target audience, how they expect it to respond; Only in this way can they measure their impact. It is advisable to use a unique selling purpose, as well as to bring added value, creativity and differentiation. They have to take into account that social networks are a very personal medium, where the advertising to the use can be considered as intrusive and, consequently, provoke rejection.

Have you done any social media advertising campaign? What result have you obtained? Would you repeat

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