Digital, mobile and social monopolize marketing trends for 2017

We have a new year just around the corner, a new period that will surely bring us new advances in the hard road towards consumer conquest, and where new trends will be consolidated, which we must already take into account to be prepared …

Brand content: More value to brand emotions and experiences

A new paradigm of product promotion, the step of selling to create empathy towards the brand, thus creating the desire to acquire their products. This trend shows a firm rejection of intrusive advertising, that message that hammers the consumer’s mind with a single word “buy, buy, buy”

The selling points become experiences, which spread throughout the social media, occupying all channels, flooding social networks, blogs and e-mail trays.

These experiences are precisely what makes you remember the brand, that associates with that wonderful sensation that you experienced when consuming your products. At the moment the brands continue fighting to make a hole in your heart, to stand out between the fierce competition and to be the chosen ones.

Increased engagement among mobile consumers pushes companies towards mobility

The increasing level of engagement of mobile consumers is one of the reasons behind the entry of small businesses in this market. Numerous studies show that companies and brands will increase the use of mobile tools and devices in their actions and marketing strategies.

Social E-commerce Boom

Social networks constitute a source of relevant information, where users find recommendations from their peers; Who share their experiences and opinions on this or that brand. It is a very influential environment when making purchasing decisions. Companies must know how to develop their presence in this increasingly dynamic and competitive environment; Get the favor of your audience and offer interesting proposals that lead them to conversion.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

We are faced with the great outbreak of mobility. The unstoppable increase in penetration of smartphones and tablets will result in major changes both in the level of web experience, thereby increasing consumption and mobile electronic commerce.

Given that consumers increasingly prefer online shopping versus traditional commerce, companies and brands will face a major paradigm shift and adaptation period to respond to the demand of users and consumers who access the internet through Tablet or smartphone.

Social networks will be the main allies of this new trend due to the interaction and massive participation of its participants and users through this type of devices.

Mobile payments

Paying through the mobile is already a reality. More than 11% pay already through mobile devices due, mainly, to the comfort that supposes. The end of physical money is getting closer.

Content remains king, payment for content access emerges

Companies are betting more than ever on content marketing. Different related reports clearly show the increase in spending on online marketing, where the Content Marketing strategy consolidates and positions itself as the great bulwark of marketing for 2017. However, with regard to the media, many will move to the model of Payment for access to information. It is the end of the “all for free”. Quality content has value, and the trend is that soon, many media will begin to price.

Consolidation of videomarketing

Already this summer Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Content of Youtube pointed out that in a very short time audiovisual content would constitute 90% of Internet traffic; Well, 2017 will be the year of the image. The advance of the new devices promotes a greater consumption of this type of information, which is more attractive for users, causes a greater retention of the message and has a high viral component.

People users, not numbers

No more counting fans like the one who counts the sheep in a herd. Behind each fan is a person, with names and surnames, interests and hobbies, which the brand must know if it wants to create a strong and active community, the first step to achieve success in social networks.

The Social Customer Service arrives, and to stay

This year we will see the consolidation of social networks as effective channels of customer service. Consumers already use them to demand the attention of brands, but so far they have not obtained the expected results. This trend will gradually be in place, brands are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring their activity in social networks, and that they have to take an active part, caring for their audience and serving him as he deserves.

Social CRM

Achieving customer satisfaction should be a primary objective and therefore, it is essential to have staff intended to interact with the customer. In this objective, channel and social media oriented CRM will become an indispensable tool for companies through which to manage, in a more efficient way, all the information that can help us to know more about our clients, and fans of The brands to know how to offer a more personalized experience.

Gamification: all to play

In the battle to capture consumer attention and offer interesting content, leisure and entertainment are always well received by users. The gamification is another turn of the nut, adding a playful component, encouraging participation, fostering the affinity between the brand and the user.

Multi-channel strategy

According to recent data provided by Nielsen, new consumer habits of user content involve the use of multiple devices, even simultaneously. 85% of US users check their mobile devices while watching TV. Companies should ensure that their websites are optimized for new smart screens, otherwise they will miss much of the pie.

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