Digital Marketing is just an extension of traditional marketing

Many see it as something very complicated to understand and oblivious to their business, but, however, it is “easier” than you think and also affects all businesses. For me, the Online Marketing is nothing more than a digital extension of traditional marketing. It is true that the Online Marketing has its own evolution and that is an area that like most traditional markets, but both are complementary, not substitutes (why I bet on “The Blended Marketing”). Want to see some examples of what I mean?

Digital Marketing is just an extension of traditional marketingThe websites are nothing more than virtual exhibitions outlets with your business to consumers presented. The difference is that previously only open a few hours a day and are now open 24 hours a day, 365 days each year. As for your Web design, they must be visually appealing, traceable, usable, simple, containing all the information of your company, etc.

Content marketing is nothing more than an extension of the sales force, that is, your business equipment. The difference is that the commercial teams spoke of the “goodness” of the company and now with quality articles talking indirectly customer solutions, the value of the brand, you get free many more people and conveys much more confidence to potential customers.

Regarding the web search engine rankings (SEO), they are like a “yellow pages” and you have to try to stand out from your keywords. Internet is “a vast ocean” and you have to get visitors find you easily (doing things based on quality parameters).

Social Networks associate them more tools (for example, Facebook, Twitter, etc), but what its name suggests. They are formed by people connected networks. The tools can be replaced with time (as happened with MySpace), but behind every digital account is a person of flesh and blood. Treat them as they deserve. With good care and giving good reasons to follow with affection. At the end of the day, social networks are virtual version of the fairs, bars, events and all kinds of meeting points where people stayed to chat and do business.

Online advertising is like traditional advertising. The difference is that the former is much more effective, has greater range, it is better segmented and is cheaper. In addition, we must not forget that traditional advertising is losing weight by the effects of the “attention economy”.

E-commerce has the adjective “electronic”, but always be guided by the same principles of trade. And I could go on with Web Analytics, the content curation, Online Reputation, etc.

So I say that there is too much technology Digital Marketing little obsession and Marketing. I am passionate about marketing and I have specialized more in digital branch, but marketing will always be guided by the same principles as ever. Be empathetic with clients, understand the cultural and social context of the time, seeks to understand what they need, atiéndelos quickly sold with emotions, etc, and have gained a lot of ground.

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