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5 ways to increase the ROI of your email marketing

Although email marketing seems less attractive compared with social networks and new advertising trends as native, it remains one of the most online marketing techniques used by companies of all kinds, from e-commerce to online fashion magazines.

Whether you’ve just started with email marketing as if you carry a time using it, the list of tips that show below will be very useful to increase the ROI of your company.

email marketing
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  1. attractive subject lines

To be able to increase your sales, first you need to let your recipients open your emails.Every day more than 100 million emails are sent, so if the subject line of yours is not good, it will go completely unnoticed. For this to happen you do not have 3 basic tips:

  • Your message is descriptive and specific.
  • Denoting urgency.
  • Avoid words like “free”, the exclamation marks or capital letters, as they may make your mail ends up in the spam folder.
  1. Empathize with your customer

You must understand at what stage of the sales funnel is your customers. Are you still looking for options? Do you need more information about your company? Are you ready to buy?

The massive, untargeted emails are doomed to failure. Scan your users, and segmentation by gender, age, and geographical location. Besides this seem to what extent the sales funnel have come to choose your strategies well and improve the user experience of your shop and finally, at what time of day they are more receptive to send your emails.

  1. Customize your emails

Your emails must not only focus on the data of your customers, you must also customize them with your brand. Use a template that you can modify and adapt to your corporate colors, always includes a signature and a contact email have a professional custom domain, and finally try to put as sender of the message to a member of the company, either the CEO or responsible for email marketing. In this way it will become a bit more personal and less cold email, increasing customer engagement.

  1. Include pictures

Photographs and illustrations make reading more pleasant and attractive emails. But beware, the very large images increase the loading time mail and this can cause impatience customer will end closing it before having read it completely.

  1. Call to action and clearly visible

You need to direct your recipients to some point. Even after opening and reading your email, their participation may provide little or no ROI if you do not dare to perform a specific action.

To create the perfect call to action we give these four tips:

  • Place the CTA in the central or bottom of your email.
  • Add graphic elements to your buttons that make them stand out, such as an arrow.
  • It includes multiple CTA in different formats (buttons, images, plain text, etc.).
  1. Mobile Optimization

It’s no secret that the phones are taking over the world. Most users use their smartphone to read emails faster and instantly, so optimize your design for these devices is paramount for success. Most programs and tools e-mail services include a preview for both mobile devices to desktop computers. Use them for testing and making changes that you consider necessary for the user to have a good experience.


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