Getting the most from your digital signage

Digital signage systems are a highly effective advertising technique. When used to the best of their ability, they can effectively attract new customers and create a strong call to action in just seconds. Here are some handy tips for using your digital signage to the best of its ability:

  1. Getting to grips with the essential elements

During the planning stage of a marketing strategy, it’s great to fully understand the details of what you’re working with. A solid foundation is crucial for all projects and for signage, it pays to think ahead by considering some of the following factors:

  • Content

What is it you want to display? Understanding how to create and stage that eye-catching content is the key to a successful signage campaign. For advice and help with your Digital Signage needs, contact for more information.

  • Location

Where will your signage be placed? Will it be fixed in position or portable? You’ll want to position in an area of high footfall to make the most of engagement possibilities.

  • Size

You’ll need to decide on measurements and consider what distance you want the sign to be visible from.

  • Originality

Try to avoid showing content that is repetitive. If it always displays the same information, people will switch off and ignore it. This can be avoided by regularly updating the display content and of course, avoiding any screen errors.

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  1. Engagement strategy

Once you’ve got to grips with the above points, you can refine your techniques. Interactive signage is increasingly popular as a way to conduct an interesting campaign. Keeping abreast if current technology means you can adapt to new ways of displaying information and allowing more interactivity with your audience. Why not consider gauging opinion with touch screen options or use a wireless connection that people can interact with using their mobile phones.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Most of today’s world are viewing it through a mobile device and you can capitalise on this too. Consider including a QR code on signs for users to connect and save the information to return to later.

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  1. Community working

Companies that already utilise digital signage have discovered ways to generate additional income streams form them. You could too by selling advertising space. Perhaps a nearby business is in a similar or complementary field to you and you could lease space to them by having cyclical content to advertise both businesses. Work together with the local community

  1. Monitor progress

No strategy is worth a dime unless it’s monitored for effectiveness. Spend some time analysing the trends in your market, keeping up with what the customer wants next so you can design valuable digital content to draw them in on your next campaign. Staying ahead of the game is important if you want your digital signage campaign to be effective and successful.


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