Why do businesses use SIM cards with multiple networks?

Businesses typically use this technology to:

  1. Expand their geographic coverage
  2. Service uptime can be increased
  3. Cross-border roaming is resilient and cost-effective
  4. Avoid service interruptions on one network at the local, regional, or national level
  5. Manage connectivity in a way that goes beyond what is offered by the major networks (whose support is limited and geared toward the largest corporate or consumer accounts)
  6. IoT deployments can be made scalable and efficient

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Businesses are increasingly turning to multi-network SIMs for a variety of reasons. Here are some key benefits that deserve to be highlighted:

  • Network Resilience : Multi-network Sims provide robustness against network failures by allowing seamless switching between network providers.
  • Predictable deployments: Multi-network SIMs offer control and flexibility to prevent data costs from being excessive during IoT deployments. All SIMs can be managed from a single connectivity platform.
  • Global Reach Multi-Network Sims offer international useability and can be used in most countries. They typically provide access to 2, 3, or 4 networks within each country, and all with a single contract and tariff. They can be restricted to a specific region to reduce costs. For a Multi Network Sim, visit Lister Communications

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  • Some SIMs are not steered by default, but they can be steered so that they always connect to the strongest network, making them ideal for failover scenarios.
  • 5G compatibility: The majority of multi-network sims are ready for 5G. This ensures you’re ready for the launch of newer networks.
  • Fixed IPs : Both public and static IP addresses are provided to maintain control of all your devices and connections.
  • Data Aggregation : To avoid spending too much on devices, pool data and aggregate it to compensate for devices that are used less. Data usage and costs are predictable for large deployments.

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