Running the most remote pub in Britain

There are many pubs in out of the way places. The reason for this is that they were vital hubs for support for the coaches that criss crossed the countryside delivering post and cargo plus travellers. The advantage of these pubs in wayout places is that they usually have fantastic views of somewhere or they offer the chance to stay somewhere unique. It’s why Finance For Pubs from providers like are still a good first place to visit if you’re thinking of taking one on.

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The most remote pub in Britain is The Old Forge in the highlands of Scotland. Think carefully before you decide to take a trip out for a pint and some crisps. The Old Forge is only accessible in two ways, both of them are rather long, but it is worth it.

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The first way involves driving up one of the longest no through roads in Britain. You can drive 22 miles to Kinloch Hourn or the Glenfinnan. It’s a road full of sharp blind bends and hairpins and when you get to the end there is then an 18 mile walk to the Hub itself.

If you fancy a quicker run to the Pub then you could use the Sea ferry. There is still a bit of trek even then. The Knoydart Peninsula, where the pub is based, can get pretty bleak in winter so the place offers a much needed break.

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