Do employees make the most of their lunch break?

The average lunch break is only 22 minutes long, according to a study by 2018.

Another study revealed that 66% to 82% of employees don’t take breaks. The main reasons for this are social and workplace relationships, guilt or anxiety about taking a rest, and being overworked.

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We know that in the workplace, over 70% of those who have access to a restaurant on site will eat together with their co-workers.

Businesses can offer business lunch catering to their employees, not only providing them with a balanced and healthy diet, but also allowing them the opportunity to meet their colleagues and make new friends. For Office Lunches, consider

Business catering can enhance your lunch break.

Building bonds with colleagues can increase productivity and engagement. This leads to a better work environment and reduced staff turnover.

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Catering for business lunches also helps businesses create a more healthy workforce. Businesses can encourage employees to eat healthy by providing options for healthy food at work. It can improve employee morale, boost motivation, increase concentration, reduce fatigue, and combat depression.

Business lunch catering has many benefits

Business lunch catering is a great way to benefit both a company and their employees. By providing a variety of healthy snacks, meals and beverages to employees, you can boost their productivity and morale. You will also create a more productive and happier workforce.

Business lunches are a great way to improve productivity in a business. They give employees the time they need to recharge, socialise and rejuvenate themselves in preparation for the remainder of the day.

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