Are you itching to get back into the office?

For many of us the current situation is becoming intolerable. The sudden need to work from home is causing a huge issue with our mental health and well being. Although some of us are loving it and have even gone as far as to order Next day office furniture from companies like Best buy office chairs provide next day office furniture and have built a space for an office, there are those of us that need to have that daily interaction.

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How employers are going to square this is going to be interesting. It could well be that they  have a split workforce with one half in the office and the other half at home working. It may be that some never return to the office save for meetings and special occasions. There is set to be a strange clash in meetings with several physical attendees conversing with those sat at home via ZOOM, Teams or Skype.

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There are those that need to be able to leave the front door and go to work. It is an ingrained need that enables them to make the distinction between home life and work life that allows their mental wellbeing to be operating effectively. This has thrust many into a side of the home that they have rarely seen as they spend most of their waking day in the office. However the views of those that do wish to return should be respected. Only time will tell how insync employers will be with the opinions and demands of the workforce after the current situation.

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