Evacuating a business or site in a timely manner

No matter what business you are in or if you are running a leisure or Recreation site there is a  vital need to have an evacuation procedure in place should the worst happen.   The most common occurrence with such things is usually a fire risk.  Should the fire alarm be activated it is essential that everybody is evacuated as soon as possible and that everyone is accounted for who is on site or in the building.  This is why many businesses look to use a Visitor sign in system, like those from suppliers like https://www.ofec.co.uk/visitor-management-system-uk. These systems allow staff and Fire officers the ability to know that  all of the members of staff and public have been successfully evacuated from the property safely.

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With this system it means that safety is of paramount importance and will act as a protection for incoming fire service members.  The last thing that they will need to do is have to enter the building to ensure that everyone is out safe.

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If this means that you will need to work with your staff to create evacuation points outside of the building so that people can be accounted for when they reach them.  The best way to do this is to allocate space to different departments and teams so that everyone is organised into small manageable groups to be counted.  It also means that teams and staff have a location to head for.

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