Working the usability of your website to get more customers

The web usability unfortunately in many projects is the great forgotten. The main reason is that we have settled some concepts that I consider very important about this topic:

– Designers and programmers are not experts in web usability. Sometimes they assumed these skills when they do not have to. They designed and programmed so that, albeit on a smaller scale, when you think of mounting a web do it in the following terms: Designer + + programmer responsible for usability.

– If you think cold, in an online project, website usability is the most scalable results matter. Virtually the same resources you may be billed more because the web better converts visits into sales.

Working the usability of your website to get more customersGuidelines for working the web usability:

These are the elements to consider if you want to improve usability:

– Make an audit of the current state of the page: do this in terms of web usability is called heuristic evaluation of web sites. I leave a link in a comprehensive guide to do this study.

– Once I am seen this leave you with the Ten Commandments of usability made by the guru Jakob Nielsen matter.


Although we clear some concepts it never hurts to review the most common mistakes since the end of the day, if they are the most repeated it for nothing…

1- Very long texts or images without divisions: what you cannot do in your web page is releasing an impressive “roll” without any anesthesia. Users when they see a long text you do is go long and if you are giving important information in that text’ll have a problem. So synthesized, highlights some texts and uses a visual element.

2- Do not highlight in another color visited links: the visitor helps you a lot to know which parts of the page have already visited.

  1. That the logo will not take you to the homepage: This is a pattern that users have very internalized therefore also expect to find this option on your page.

4- Search engines malfunctioning: there are few things more frustrating to look for something in a web and cannot find it. Make all necessary tests and that is an important point.

How you can improve your website usability

Entering a more practical level and obviating the part that the best option that you have to improve usability is to ask your customers you pointed the following questions:

1- Identify the “leak” traffic: this can be done with Google analytics. You have two options:

– Look at the visitor flow option

– See page by page within the web and see which have the highest bounce%

2- Make a test A / B of the pages you have suspicions that may improve: once you have identified the application can use Google website optimizer.

3- “Spying” sessions your users: for it can use the tool Mouseflow. This tool allows users to record sessions your visitors to know exactly what your users do when you visit.

You see important web usability? Do you use any of these techniques? It gives you something explained in this post?

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