Why is the Content relevant to SEO?

The current investment in online content revolves around $ 12.5 billion, a considerable figure that denotes the importance that the content strategy has been charging. In fact, 76% of SEO strategies already include this type of actions in their online marketing plans. This investment is paying off, 50% of e-marketing professionals consider content generation very effective for SEO. Search engines are focused on providing in their results mainly those pages whose content is of high quality. Panda has already introduced it in its criteria to evaluate a website and its successor, Pingüino has it more and more clear: websites must follow a strategy to generate quality content if they want to be relevant in Google’s search results.

SEO becomes increasingly social

The impact of social media on SEO is highly positive. Google has already openly acknowledged the influence of +1 Google+ votes on its search results along with the interactions on the rest of the social networks. As a sample, we remember how from the first moment we could see the content of Pinterest in the first positions offered by the Great G.

A content marketing strategy supported by landing pages with attractive content, frequent updates of the blog with posts and an activity in social networks increases the visibility of the company in organic results, and with it the traffic to the web.

Social Media is becoming increasingly important, not only to improve the company’s online reputation and encourage engagement with customers, which in itself is more than enough; but its activity also manages to earn points for the main search engines. 50% of consumers are inclined to choose a brand that appears several times in the search results.

Content encourages conversion

1 out of every 5 messages that are transmitted through social media include a link, such is the activity rate, that 27 million pieces of content are shared online every day.

It is a fact, customers seek information about the products that interest them, 42% admit to actively consult such content in blogs, whose content already influences the purchase decisions of 52% of consumers. As an example, we can add that 57% of marketers recognize having obtained customers through their blogs.

Users demand fresh, useful and quality content, and they appreciate its value. 61% of consumers are more willing to make their purchases in those sites that offer content and interest.

The future of SEO is to create an effective content strategy, in terms of trends in this area, there is a dark outlook for paid links, whose use is not at all recommended by Google; while on the opposite side is that content with a social component, viralizable and shared through social media.

How is your content strategy? Does it have a high social component?

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