How to help overcome fears purchase online

The e-commerce is no longer unknown; customers are used to buying, or at least to look, online. However, that does not mean that concern them stealing your payment details or hidden costs.

You have to know what may be the factors that cause distrust to build confidence in our website and thus encourage them to buy us.

How to help overcome fears purchase onlineCustomer concerns online

  • It is not a real store

Invest in a good design for your customer to navigate to taste your website and find your a product (and purchase) is easier, but it also shows that you care about your business. It is important to show a physical address and your photos are real, also do not forget to convey a message, make known to your client what makes you different from others, if you can, publishes testimonials as well as reviews of mentions in the media.

  • Priorities security

Displays recognized and trusted brands, such is the case of the red shield of McAfee or symbol PayPal or Visa or Mastercard. Purchase an SSL certificate that is used to protect card transactions or confidential data such as passwords or personal information. Offers several payment methods, PayPal, transfer, cash or credit card.

  • Personal information

One of the first things you should do is to write and publish a comprehensive privacy policy in which response to what information is saved? How is this information used? How the data is shared? What options customers have to share that information? Customers can access their personal data and modify them? How that information is protected?

  • The lack of real contact

The biggest drawback of online shopping is that you do not have opportunity to establish physical contact with the products. However, you can help your customers make a fairly accurate picture of what they will buy idea. Includes several professional product photos taken from different angles, displays the customer reviews can also help buyers to get an idea of ​​the product.

  • Shipping Policy

Use reliable transportation agencies renowned for their punctuality, and clearly post it on your website. Give your customers the option to track their packages. It’s something I appreciate a lot, especially when it comes to orders whose punctuality is crucial. If you can not meet a deadline or a packet is lost, take the opportunity to showcase excellent customer service by offering a replacement, a gift or a substantial discount on their next purchase.

  • Withdrawal policy

A clear policy changes and returns is the best way to solve this problem. If you can offer free shipping and returns, even better. But make sure the company can assume the added cost involved. Whatever policy you choose, make sure it is easy to understand

Online purchases are based on customer service and, in fact, it is a crucial component of a business e-commerce, so we have to establish mechanisms and channels for customers to contact us and to resolve their problems without worrying because of the distance.

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