Companies that publish automatically in Social Media can reach 50% more potential customers

A recent study conducted by Hubspot on content marketing reveals and highlights the effectiveness of the use of automatic tools for publishing content on social networks.

Specifically, it has determined that companies that use them can increase their leads by up to 50%. The study highlights that what is really important is to increase the presence of quality content in social networks, for this we can rely on automatic tools without losing effectiveness.

A blog is an important source of quality content for companies, very effective when generating leads. Well, we can increase its impact thanks to social networks, and with it the possibility of winning more potential customers, for which Hubspot has shown that the use of self-publishing tools is very useful and effective.

Further,those companies that use tools to program their posts get 3 times more leads than those that do not. The more impact your article has, the greater the visibility it will have, the more people will reach it and with it, the possibility of generating new contacts will increase. Fortunately, everything in Social Media does not require “handmade”. Do not hesitate, promote your content in social networks with the help of automatic tools.

Despite the fact that many consider automatic publications negative, depending on their use and purpose, they can offer us great advantages. Especially if we intend to reach audiences outside our usual time slot or in other countries.

According to a study conducted by KISSmetrics, in the case of Twitter, the best time for this is in the time slot of 5:00 pm, from which, the ideal and recommended publication frequency would be 1 to 4 tweets per hour. As for the best days to share information, we will find that during the week and during weekends our information and shared content will be more widely disseminated.

As is logical there will continue to be factors that can determine the most appropriate moments to share information such as the type of business, region, language, etc … If we work and intend to publish our tweets to reach the audience of Latin American countries, programming and the use of automatic content publishing tools will offer us the possibility of performing these tasks even during sleep hours.

If we take into account that thanks to this and according to the conclusions of the Hubspot study we can increase our number of potential customers, the automation tools will offer us an important competitive advantage.

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