Business plan of a company training

Yes, you’re right. You have to innovate. Keep in mind that innovation does not have to be alone product, it can be other fields, such as teaching methodology, teacher quality, combining classes on line and face, system classes via webcam, professional management practices in companies for students who are not working, teacher support system to students / workers in the company for a period to answer questions and supervise the training, etc.

Also, you have to target your audience as you can. If you want to launch a specialized training center for employees of SMEs, you do not want to reach all. Focus on one sector and the more specific the better. For example, in the line: I will provide specialized management of companies located in the industrial area X of this city or this other training. Most of them are family businesses and are lacking in the areas of sales organization, productivity, cost reduction, and crisis management. Riding other business school in major cities makes no sense.

Business plan of a company training

Adjust your training offer

This specialization will allow you to learn about the needs of enterprises, adjust your training supply this demand and retain customers conducting refresher courses or update (for example, in the use of new software …).

Why have to sharpen both?  It’s a very complicated industry where competition abounds free shares.  In the case of the training firms are already free quality stocks with a long list of business schools.


Which customers are you going to run? You cannot generalize.  To define the type of customer you need to know, well, the business and working environment of our territory  (autonomous region, state or city) and the needs of customers in that environment. What level of detail? If we go, for example, workers in SMEs, we must analyze the needs of businesses which profile worker working there, what employees seek or better yet, not found and, therefore, offer updates of skills and knowledge Professional (correct time management, team organization … whatever). We can also analyze, for example, whether to produce a strong demand for labor in the administration for a specific group (health, police …). Knowing this is important and will determine our project and business plan.

Question of times

Yes it is true that there are a number of general considerations to any business in the training market. Are critical times you have to consider offering special hours: night at mealtimes, or in the morning, very early? You have to find niches-hours. It is a big problem for many people who want and cannot be formed by the lifestyle they lead.


Times as important as the offer are the monitoring of students, which training is not only self-training. There must be a personalized monitoring of each student. Especially when you offer blended learning and online. You have to monitor your clients / students are not left with the impression that learn a subject … and learn it alone. There must be a monitoring: to fill gaps, deepen themes …   Basically it is about combining training, advice and coaching.  It is now starting to introduce training companies the concept of tutor-coach.


In this sector there is much intrusion especially in business training. The good news is it’s easy to fix. What? That makes them skilled in the art. Teachers need to be experts. This sector is very easy to defraud and word of mouth goes very fast, experts and professors guidance of coach.

You also have to keep in mind that often your client is not going to be the consumer of your service-product. If a more academic training for college, primary, vocational training … in this case by the type of customer, think that the consumer is not the client: what are parents or guardians. What look? Have your child focus, study….


A training center will be the   logical space costs and rental of premises, acquisition of computer tools on line, load content and teachers training. Here we must be careful with the training companies and the administration. Training for companies and public bodies and payment rates is given are slower and can cause cash flow problems. It is important to measure the pace of cash well: customers can take and you have to pay fixed costs every month.

Finally, you have to be careful with the launch prices. They are not sustainable over time, so you must be clear in advance when you’re going to raise, how much (in what price range you are going to move) and how you’ll communicate.

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