The reasons for not crystallize ideas on business

When I make a broad look around me I realize that many professionals may be potential entrepreneurs. The reasons may be many-colored: a great idea suddenly reflections collected from more peaceable way, be unemployed and need to energize your situation or simply because you always had this vocation.

They all have one thing in common: the difficulties we’re going to find as first–time entrepreneurs that they are going to test and we face it as such will tip the balance between an idea that was in that or jump to build a business in which we will place all our hopes.

The reasons for not crystallize ideas on businessIt should be noted that for an idea to begin to consider a business as such is necessary to have our first customer, when you emit your first bill, wale! Already you have a business in your hands. This seems simple well explained; there are a number of factors that cannot be given. Primary and recurrent are these:

1- THE ENVIRONMENT: This is undoubtedly the most powerful of all. Whenever you undertake propose your own project you’re going to find someone to tell you: “Do not do it”. Unfortunately, we have a suitable ecosystem around us to undertake. Most people do not in bad faith but have the innate urge to be conservative and stick to not risk too much and make a salary at the end of the month. In my opinion, these “recommendations” and heard even before explaining our idea and that’s what we should censor. To make our business reality, sometimes we have to turn a deaf ear, even from our closest environment.

2- Not wanting to leave the comfort zone: Everything must be said, take involves sacrifice, effort and possibly more difficult to bear: uncertainty. If all we will ensure that we pass bad 1-2 years but then our business will succeed, many would pull head. But I do not know…. Many people are torn between continuing collecting a payroll final month or try their luck with your own project. If not willing to sacrifice anything some captives of our comfort zone.

3- LACK OF GRANTS AND FUNDING: Certain projects that require strong institutional support and investments remain in the drawer. It is true that here our fate lies with third parties but what is in our hands to do everything possible to prepare the project effectively and to convince the parties involved.

4- COMPLICATED PERSONAL BACKGROUND: We must also mention that sometimes we see involved in certain contexts that make it impossible to start new adventures. If so, simply wait for storm passes and we can find the right moment to resume our battle.

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