The mobile revolution we are experiencing is still in its infancy

Mobile devices are already more than a tool of distribution and communication, they have become within the companies in one of the strategic pillars of the creation of value. But according to Javier Pérez Dolset, CEO of Zed and Founder of U-tad and Director of the Association of Mobile Communications, “The mobile revolution we are experiencing is in its infancy, it is only the beginning of something much bigger. So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what will be the future of mobile marketing.

The mobile revolution we are experiencing is still in its infancyIt is one of the countries with the highest penetration rate of smartphones with 66% penetration, a rate that according to Javier Pérez Dolset “still has to multiply in the next few years.” In this sense, Dolset noted that “any business that is created in the smartphone sector has a positive growth perspective of 60%”, an increase that will continue to accelerate in the next decade.

Mobility is the greatest opportunity introduced in the business environment to compete. For the first time in history companies have a window to distribute their products among millions of people, wherever they are. This is a pure digital opportunity that 15 years ago did not exist and that the internet could not offer, because its penetration only focuses on Europe and the United States.

In 2012, 30 years after the first mobile phone was sold, there was the biggest sale of mobile phones and smartphones in history, a fact that contrasts with the sharp fall in sales of computers during the first quarter of 2013. According to Hernán Rodríguez, “we have to welcome the Post-PC era, a new stage in which the mobile is already the king.”

In the last two years, the barriers of the mobile have fallen and there has been a change that is quantified in two million downloads. Eduardo Fernández said that “using the user interface has simplified the process to reach the content and the Smartphone industry is, today, one of the most attractive to invest.” The advertising investment has grown 45% in 2012, reason why mobile marketing already invoices almost 1 trillion euros.

“We can not take anything for granted, but the opportunity for innovation is enormous. Mobile engineering companies have to work very fast to adapt to the changes we are experiencing in a short time and in changing markets, “Dolset said. “The players who have to make the change and bet on innovation are no longer the big companies, now the potential is in small start-ups that have the opportunity to be disruptive,” added Eduardo Fernandez.

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