SMEs prefer to invest in traditional websites rather than in social media

According to a report published by Zoomerang and GrowBiz Media, most small businesses invest their budgets in email marketing and on traditional websites rather than on social media. The study analyzed 751 SMEs of which about 89% had less than twenty-five employees.

Only a quarter of the companies interviewed plan to invest at least 30% of their online marketing budget on their websites next year, 18% will dedicate that percentage to email marketing and 10% will spend 30% of their budget to social media. 17% of respondents confirm their goal of increasing spending on the development and improvement of their website while 15% dedicate that extra in email marketing and only 13% dedicate it to social media.

46% of the surveyed companies do not have a web page and those that have the most are quite basic. 80% includes general information and 45% has customer service and less than 30% e-commerce applications. Only 15% offer the possibility to make reservations or request time through the web and 13% have a corporate blog.

According to the companies interviewed, the vast majority, 70%, get their customers through the old school, that is, face to face with customers, half through client recommendations and a third using social media. to make yourself known. For those who use these tools, Facebook is the favorite option with 80%.

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