More and more users delete emails that do not fit your mobile

The explosion of mobile devices and smartphones has enabled more users to check email from more places and times, but has also shown a constant problem: adaptation of emails to mobile screens. Despite the efforts of companies to test emails to ensure that fit properly on screens, many do not. And a new report indicates that users automatically removed from their inboxes.

More and more users delete emails that do not fit your mobileThe new data from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey underline the importance of the adaptability of emails messages on mobile. According to the study, more than 75% of consumers are very likely to remove an email that does not fit properly on a mobile device.

Most users (80%) said it was “extremely important” to read emails messages on mobile devices.

According to Jim Garretson, director of mobile products Constant Contact, users increasingly more open their emails from their phones. So that messages must adapt to these devices with shorter content and fewer calls to action, avoiding the complicated and dense messages. Simplifying email marketing campaigns, you can take a step forward and become mobile marketing a very quick and simple.

Other interesting findings is that the report highlights that:

  • 88% of users aged 18-30 open emails from mobile, and 50% say that a smartphone is your mobile device to the most important post.
  • 85% of young people aged 30 to 39 say they read email messages on the phone, and 52% say that smartphones are your primary e-mail device.
  • 79% say reopens emails on PC, once already consulted on the mobile.
  • And 49% click on mobile links.

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