Investigations in defense of trademark, patent and intellectual property rights increase by 30%

The networks of counterfeit products also increase up to 80% due to the proliferation of illegal groups from abroad.

Zenit Detectives, company expert in applied research in the business world, announces an increase of 30% in the number of cases investigated in defense of the right of the trademark, patent and intellectual property.

According to Zenit, the networks of counterfeit products are other investigations that have increased due to the proliferation of illegal groups from abroad, up to 80%. The consequences for companies translate into the loss of prestige in the market of their brand, the drastic decline in sales and the loss of their position in the market against their competition.

According to José María Alonso, Operating Director of Zenit Detectives: “In this type of situation, companies or manufacturers of products that demand the services of private detectives are those that detect that they have been copied or plagiarized and their products are for sale. in street markets, through the Internet or by any other illegal route “.

The company through the contracting of the services of private detectives can know who falsifies its brand, how it makes these fakes and what is the mechanism of distribution and sale.

“Faced with the discovery of the falsification of a brand or product – through tracking and recording images – our mission as detectives is to bring it to the attention of the State security bodies, because this type of behavior is a crime,” says Alonso.

The most exclusive brands, with greater involvement in the luxury fashion and IT sector are usually the most affected when it comes to counterfeiting.

“The origin of these copies are China and the countries of the East. In addition, we have detected that the Internet has now become the refuge of counterfeiters, where copies of T-shirts and sports shoes, underwear, accessories, jewelry or medicines are sold “, concludes Alonso.

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