How to become a true chef of social media and content marketing

The term “Chef” is attributed to the professional chef, or the person responsible for organizing and managing a team of different professionals who work in a kitchen, usually in establishments such as restaurants, hotels and all types of dining rooms. The gastronomy of course is much more than different types of food on a simple dish. It is culture, it is experience, it is knowledge and also an art in many ways.

That said, many will wonder what is the relationship between this type of professionals and those dedicated to social media and how in their daily work we can find great similarities.

How to become a true chef of social media and content marketingA Chef should be an expert in cooking and know with propriety everything related to the gastronomic products, its elaboration, nutrition, oenology, and a long etc. But above all, you must be able to lead the team of people under your orders and always maintain a control to provide better service and quality for the diners.

In social media, we can find different professional profiles such as the community manager, the content manager or content curator. But perhaps the figures of the Social media manager or the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), the ones that really come closest to the figure of the Chef. To be specific, the Social Media Manager is the person in charge of formulating the strategy, while the figure of the Chief Digital Officer corresponds to that of a superior and more executive profile. The point is to find the similarities and to emphasize the importance of the different professional roles within the same team.

The latter is certainly really important. The work of a kitchen team and the elaboration of their different dishes does not always fall on the same person. Moreover, they are almost always tasks delegated and distributed among the different components of the equipment. But let’s light the fire ….

Social media has been practically positioned as an obligatory activity within the strategies of all types of business, and of course, within the different actions that can be developed. Among them, content marketing or the so fashionable Brand Content are becoming increasingly important.

To repeat that content is still “the King” and its context “Queen” can sonarnos almost a cliché. Of course frequency and promotion can be considered equally relevant, but to achieve the best taste of our secret recipe, it is important that both quantity, quality and its relevance are part of its ingredients.

When it comes time to get into cooking, it is important to know the tastes and preferences of our guests. Unconditional supporters and fans remain restless and impatient on the table hoping to savor flavors. The chef and his kitchen team are ready to prepare the best dishes and delicacies to be tasted. It is time to develop our best content to be shared.

Remember, good dishes without forgetting the quality , because basic form, it covers the entire set of inherent to an object or product that confer ability to satisfy stated or implied needs properties.

Generating content according to these principles can certainly become the biggest challenge for any type of business, brand or company that intends to reach its target or achieve the greatest impact and possible impact with that information generated. The media and social networks are great tools and channels that can help to promote and promote our contents , but this will become our main objective does not mean that we should make a continuous barrage of information that ultimately, lacking such principles should be completed Diluting, passing to history without pain or glory. And is that information, like food, needs a prudent time to be well digested, since food junk or poorly prepared can sometimes generate serious indigestiones.

To understand it in a more visual way in our mind, let us see them from the point of view of this great chef who serves us small dishes to taste. The small shots delight the palate. We enjoyed the colors, the presentation, the flavors. In a slow way we can digest and assimilate each of the specially cooked dishes without any having to be rejected or overlooked due to our “information squash”. What’s the use of cooking too much so that the dishes are always half full on the table? Well, imagine if the food was of poor quality, why would others be willing to taste it?

Let’s apply all of this to our content marketing strategy. We think that there are millions of users and potential customers who are consuming information and sharing it. What are your favorite dishes? What can we surprise them with? What can whet your appetite or get your attention? How to achieve your positive reviews and opinions? 10 Wines of cardboard or a Rioja reserve of 94?

If we want our social media and content marketing strategy to succeed, it is not necessary to think that by generating more information we will achieve better results or goals. Users do not want more content, demand more quality and relevant information . But besides, it is not enough just to start cooking. It is necessary to know which of our dishes and specialties are most valued by our diners. To improve our service, our treatment and our attention so that “word of mouth” and the tendency to share, make of our work, a truly worthwhile and valued effort and also to help us reach our goals and objectives .

As a climax to our article, we propose to know the work of the popular “Chef Ramsay” on his TV show “ Kitchen Nightmares ” or “Nightmare in the kitchen”. Surely from now on, you find many more similarities and keys to not only become a true chef of social media reference and content marketing, but to boost your business strategically and working in an organized way as a team.

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