Brands must be made social to conquer new generations

“If brands want to earn the respect of millennials, they should behave in a socially useful way.” This is undoubtedly one of the most important conclusions of a recent study developed by McCann Worldgroup, which also states that for brands to be recognized for this role, they must help young people to share, make new contacts, manage their connections and you narrate his life in the social economy.

“The values ​​young people look for in their friends also apply to brands,” said Laura Simpson, MacCann Global Director. “It must be honest, genuine, mature and humble”, these being the key values ​​to be taken into account.

The study found three key factors that motivate the millennial generation: the need for connections and relationships, social justice or person and authenticity.

Globally, other data and conclusions from this study indicate that young people in China and India are more likely to be influenced by family friends. In Mexico, Brazil or Spain is the other way round. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Disney and Coca Cola were the brands with the highest ratings. “They praise the brands that have reinvented the infrastructure of our lives, or have reproduced a strong spirit of optimism.

After discussing the results of the study, McCann invited four people working with millennials to share their observations.

Kate Krotiris, a former adviser to the US State Department, said technology is helping people promote their values.

Aria Finger, Chief Operating Officer of DoSomething, describes the differences he has seen between millennials and previous generations. “Children today are not upset with a brand that is associated with a concert, but their parents were outraged when this happened.”

Miss Info, a radio personality and blogger, disagreed with McCann at one point: “the study shows that people do not crave fame, but I think many of the young people see themselves as celebrities.”

Ross Martin, Executive Vice President of MTV Scratch, said that “millennials are the power,” adding that they use technology to work quickly and collaboratively.

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