Social networks are now one of the main factors SEO

Social networks do stand on Google. It is a fact, the social mentions help to get relevance of face to the search engines, and not little. According to research conducted by SearchMetrics, social networks constitute 7 of the 10 factors that most influence SEO. 

To reach this conclusion, the company has analyzed 300,000 urls that appear in the main search results for 10,000 highly demanded keywords; Along with millions of links, tweets and interactions in social networks.

Its report gathers the characteristics that have in common the pages better positioned, and in what they differ with respect to those that occupy positions more relegated in the table. Thus, the company ranks among 4 components, and values the weight of each factor facing Google:

Social networks are now one of the main factors SEOWhat is the influence of social networks for SEO?

The study indicates that Google is indisputably the social network that can most boost your website when it comes to reaching the top in the ranking of results. But not only that, Google’s social network is also the most influential factor for the search engine, above all other elements, of whatever nature you use. The belief that your activity in the social network of circles will influence the positioning is totally true, and more important than you expected.

The activity of Facebook, as a whole, is your great weapon if you want to reinforce your presence facing Google. This is because there are different ways of interacting on this platform, and all, constitute an important boost to your website. Therefore, you should promote Facebook activity and link it with your page. The content that is shared through this social network, the comments that are generated and Likes constitute 3 of the 5 main factors when it comes to positioning your website.

They are followed in order of importance Pinterest (0.29) and Twitter (0.28). The relevant content is the food from which social networks are nurtured, always linking to the original source from which it departs. All these mentions score very positively in the eyes of the great G.

To what extent do backlinks matter?

Facebook is just as important as the number of backlinks (0.34%) of your page. This can put in check the work of many SEOs, who are dedicated to optimize on site and develop a strategy of linkbuilding, leaving aside social networks. If that is your case, it would be advisable to reconsider your strategy and your activity in Social Media.

Nofollows matter. The percentage of “nofollow” links that your page has is an indicator of the naturalness of your linkbuilding strategy. If your web contains a number of these direct references indicates that those pages have linked you because your content is interesting; And therefore you deserve to be bound. Usually, when you practice a policy of hunting and capturing links, your achievements are usually translated only dofollow links; Something that in the face of Google reduces credibility to your page.

Obviously, links count (0.20) is a clear indicator that your page is important, and therefore other pages refer openly. In linkbuilding, the highlighted word (0.18) and the anchor (0.14) also influence. On the other hand, the keywords have much less importance (0,06).

Keys from the technical point of view

The study calls into question some on-page optimization, such as the use of keyword domains (0.02) or the presence of the main keyword in the url (0,01). On the other hand it bets on friendly urls, avoiding an excessive extension (0,16); The occurrence of keywords in the title (0,12) and its position within it (0,11) and other secondary elements such as url is not a subdomain (0,07), the existence of a description (0, 06), or page speed (0.04). He emphasizes that it is more important for Google that the page contains titles H2 (0,05) than H1 (0,03).

How to optimize the content of the web?

The content is and will remain the king. It is the main attraction for social networks, who drink from the information on your page to reference and generate interactions. The work of SearchMetrics highlights the importance of internal links as a relevant factor when assessing the importance of a page (0.15). It also takes into account the extension of the code (0.13), which should be as clean as possible and contain mainly useful information.

They follow in the same order of importance, matched as to their value (0,11) the number of keywords in the text, the extension of the same, keywords with link, both internal and external and internal links. The richer the content, and linked to the rest of the page, the more relevant it will be.

Negative factors for your SEO

Ads are subtracted. According to Google, a website should not contain much publicity, but bet to offer users quality content. Therefore, it is not advisable to try to monetize the page based on advertising claims, since it could damage its positioning.

Do you agree with these conclusions? What is the importance of social networking for your SEO strategy?

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