Window trends you should be aware of

Minimalist, mixed shapes and mindful purchases are some of the biggest trends in window design.

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Clean and Unfussy Window Frames

Modern designs for windows are here to stay, with clean lines and unfussy frames continuing to dominate the market. Trends such as using windows to form whole walls will develop, with new-builds or renovations incorporating large-pane windows into their design schemes.

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People want more panes and fewer frames, with corner windows featuring nearly invisible structures at the bolder end of window design. If you want to go really big with your glass, though, you may have to sacrifice opening windows, as the technology for allowing them to operate often requires more visible frames as the size of the pane increases.

For the many customers who are looking for floor-to-ceiling windows in Double Glazing Swindon firms such can help design a scheme to incorporate sliding glazed doors, opening parts and a glass roof – whatever you want to keep up with the latest window design trends. Many customers are mixing up the shapes, with smaller feature windows adding architectural details and large window schemes acting as room dividers or an entire outside wall.

Older Customers Shape Window Market

With the increasing number of people living until at least 65, this sector of the home renovation market has a significant influence on trends. Forbes predicts that by 2030 there will be more people aged over 65 than under 18, and that smart versions of common items such as windows will be in demand to support senior wellness.

Dark Shades for Window Frames

Many suppliers are supplying double glazing windows surrounded by dark-coloured frames in metal, wooden, aluminium, uPVC or whatever you want to accomplish the on-trend window design scheme you envisage.

Painted versus a metal frame is a popular choice, because many customers don’t want to take the risk of investing in an expensive new window scheme that they might tire of in a few years, so they feel more comfortable taking the step provided they can easily update with a new paint choice whenever they want. Other dark colours such as earthy browns, barn reds or forest greens are on-trend choices that may well be rivalling black for the top spot of window colours in the coming year.

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