Why Schools Need Extra Security

When we pack our children off to school in the morning, we assume that they will be safe. We should be able to go about our daily lives, not worrying whether our children are at risk. We trust that they are safe in the care of the school they attend. We trust that the headteacher, or the proprietor if the school is independent, have the measures in place to ensure that an adequate health and safety protocol is efficiently controlled.

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Keeping Our Children Safe

When we are thinking about protective surveillance London is one place that might well spring to mind. In recent times, the spike in knife crimes in Greater London has caught the attention of the local media and seems to be more in the news than out of it. A lot of these stories are involving children and teenagers. Safeguarding in schools is more important now than ever before.

The Government website details that an intrinsic part of the schooling experience is the safety and well-being of the children who attend the facility. The website clearly states that security must be maintained at all times. This not only keeps the attendees safe, but the staff, too. Measures must be maintained and periodically reviewed.

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Protective Surveillance

Surveillance cameras within classrooms have been used increasingly more in recent decades. This is not just for the safeguarding of children and teachers, but also for training purposes. The presence of these cameras has been shown to decrease bullying and even more serious crimes in schools.

For people who need protective surveillance in London, cameras may be a welcome addition in classrooms. They are an excellent tool to both deter criminal activity and record the people who vandalise our schools. Increasing the level of security may be a necessary measure some schools have to take in order to keep pupils safe. We hear stories of students being robbed and atrocious acts being carried out in the schools.

The Governing body Ofsted changed the way in which they inspect schools in September of 2019. In addition to focusing more on how the curriculum is taught, they are looking at safeguarding a lot more closely. How our children are kept safe has taken a much greater priority, and rightly so.

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