Why Not Try out These Outdoor Parent and Child Activities

As a parent, it is a struggle trying to get your children to play more outside when they are glued to their computer games and Ipads. You revert back to your childhood where you played outside with your friends – a childhood you long for your kids to have. If you want your kids to put down their controllers for a moment and enjoy the outdoors, why not do some fun outdoor activities with them? It will allow them to feel the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Here are some outdoor activities for parents and children to do together.

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 Build Something for the Garden 

If you are good at DIY and building, then why not get your children to assist with making something for the garden? This can really allow you to bond with your children, but it also gets them outside for a bit. This especially benefits them because it teaches them new skills like woodwork and building. Why not try and build a playhouse or a wooden play area together? To make these you will need some quality wood supplies to prevent injuries; why not take a look at companies like Timbco? A Timber Merchants Southampton based company that can supply you with premium quality timber to make your own DIY garden pieces. 

Insect Hunting 

Insect Hunting is a great way for children to learn about wildlife and the world around them. You could create a fun checklist of the different insects that could be found in your garden, and see if they can find them; this is a great way for parent and child to bond over nature and to be able to enjoy each others company, but it also allows the child to learn more about the outside world.

Grow and Pick Your Own Food 

If you have a bigger garden, why not start growing your own food? This can create a fun activity for you and your child to do, but it also teaches them about the benefits of being self-sufficient, and it gives them the skills to grow food. You could even bake a tasty cake, or make a delicious meal with the food you picked – what a perfect summer activity.

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Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens have certainly grown in popularity in the last few years; it is great for a child’s imagination and it allows them to be creative. You will need some fairy figurines (you could make these or buy your own) and then you will need a pretty and natural fairy house – here’s how you can make your own. Make sure to place the fairy garden in an area with pretty flowers such as plant pots or flower beds, this will complete the fairy garden theme.

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