Why we all need to do our bit when it comes to recycling

We live in troubling times environmentally wise. World Leaders seem unable to decide what is the best course of action to improve things. Economies are so dependent on the flow of petro-chemical products that any change is near impossible for the government and society to deal with and for many of us we are hanging on the words and comments of the teenager Greta Thunberg in regards with what to do next.

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With all this is mind how do we, the mere general populace,make a difference? One small thing we can do, and everything has to start small somewhere, is to recycle everything we can that we waste in our home.

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This is not just the simple act of making sure that glass, plastics and tins are cleaned and don’t go into landfill it is also getting a compost bin and using that for garden waste. There is also a growing idea of reusing wood. For example a used pallet racking Ireland company offers the pallets for a variety of building works for the home and garden.


If we all do our bit and try to recycle and reuse raw material as much as we can then at least we can know that we are doing something to try and ease the pressure on our world.

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