Who are you wearing?

Are designer labels really worth the extra money? Or should we be buying our clothes in supermarkets or high street stores? Not many people can afford to be complete slaves to fashion but there is an argument for investing in quality pieces that will last. Quality over quantity should be the key and designer labels do tend to use better materials and are better produced. The cuts of designer labels are superior and the item will be more durable than a cheaper copy.

Having nice things that are of good quality adds to your self-confidence too and will make you feel great. A feeling that you don’t really get when you’re decked out in supermarket chic. High street apparel is mass produced and if you want to stand out and look unique then you’re far more likely to achieve this wearing something that cost a little more. For Mens Designer Jeans, visit http://ejmenswear.com/.

Surely it makes more sense, both stylish and economic, to buy less but obtain high quality pieces that will endure. Brand clothing is more comfortable and if you need to spend money on clothes, you’ll want them to make you feel good too. Clothing is something we must cover ourselves with every day of our lives and so clothing could be considered an experience and thus deserves solid investment. OK so it’s not an investment that you will ever make anything back on but it could be considered an investment in your daily comfort and wellbeing.

Cheaper clothing tends to be poorly sized and due to it’s mass production, offers a one size fits all mentality. Badly fitting clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious which will have a negative impact on your body language. It seems far better to have a couple of expensive, well-fitting pairs of jeans that look great on you than six pairs of cheap jeans that aren’t very flattering and fall apart after a few washes. Socially, your clothes do say a lot about you as an individual and if you’re trying to network or land the perfect job then quality is going to give out all the right impressions.

Who are you wearing

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Economically, buying cheap clothes could cost you more in the long run. The items won’t last as long and you will need to constantly replace them. Thin material wears out much faster so it makes much more sense to spend a little more initially on fewer items rather than having a wardrobe bursting with cheap, ill-fitting outfits. Cheaper clothing also adds to the temptation to binge buy as you are lured into thinking you’re getting a great deal. This is an easy way of actually spending much more than you intended whereas this is unlikely to occur if you are shopping high end pieces. You are much more likely to end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you will never wear and having spent more in the process.

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