What to consider when choosing your wedding venue

Apart from choosing your husband – or wife – to be, the most important thing to choose wisely is where to hold the wedding. The venue can make or break a wedding, setting the tone and making the difference between it being memorable or forgettable. With so many wide and varied options now available, you will need to choose wisely.

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Accessible – in more ways than one

Firstly, the venue needs to be accessible in terms of location. If one of you comes from the Norfolk and one from London, it might be wiser to hold your wedding in Essex or Suffolk so that everyone can make it. It also needs to be accessible for those with a disability, those with mobility issues and those with babies. If you have any guests with any of these issues, you will need to make sure there are sufficient ground-floor facilities to cater for them.

Does it look the part?

Your dad has done a deal with a mate of his and you can have a local purpose-built hotel for half price, but is this really where you want your wedding photos taken? Beautiful venues really do make the difference between ‘meh’ weddings and sensational weddings. The older the building, generally the more breathtaking; however, try to find something that reflects your theme, whether vintage, rustic, glamorous or classic.

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Is it big enough?

This may seem the most obvious question in the world, but will your chosen venue hold all your guests comfortably? Can everyone sit down to eat and can the kitchen cater for them? Can enough people stay the night if needs be? Is there plenty of parking?

Is it an established wedding venue?

Has the venue held plenty of weddings before? Established Essex wedding venues such as http://www.whitehartweddingvenue.co.uk/ can put on a great day for you, as they already have all the right contacts and know-how.

Can you afford it?

There is no point looking at venues that are way beyond your budget; however, remember that the venue will account for a sizeable chunk of it and allow some wiggle room.

There is a lot to think about, but getting it right can make the difference between a good day and a great one.

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