What is the best flooring for pets?

Floors can easily sustain damage from our furry friends coming in and out of the house, so what type of flooring is best for our pets to enjoy the house, while leaving it easy to maintain for long suffering owners?

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Exposing your floors to dogs and cats may result in scratches, stains and dirt over time. The wear and tear may decrease the time that the floor is fit for purpose, so investing in the right flooring is an economically sound idea. When choosing a new floor, think about the effect it has on your pet, does it provide good traction for them? Is it easy to clean, especially following an accident? Is it scratch resistant? Here’s a list of pet-friendly floor options.

Hardwood flooring

Go for hard woods such as oak, mahogany, walnut and cherry. Avoid the softer floors as they are less scratch resistant. Muddy paws and hair are very easy to clean. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but unfortunately it can stain easily, especially when urine is involved.


Carpets are comfortable and soft for a pet to lie on but unfortunately, they are difficult to vacuum and clean when accidents occur. Also, scratching may damage the carpet.

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Bamboo is extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant, making it ideal for pets. It can handle heavy traffic and looks beautiful. Although it is more resistant than traditional hardwood, it may still be damaged by water.

Laminate flooring

Durable and attractive, laminate flooring, such as http://www.woodenfloorshop.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html, is ideal for pets. As it is coated and water-resistant, it won’t be susceptible to stains in the same way that hardwood can be. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Choose flooring that is textured, to prevent your pet slipping.

Stone tiles

Stone tiles are durable and easy to clean, without the risk of staining. Most tiles are scratch resistant and will therefore last for a long time with minimal maintenance. The only negative is that the flooring might be very cold and uncomfortable for pets. If the tiles are too smooth, they may also slip on the flooring.


This is an affordable option for your home. Vinyl is easy to clean, durable and scratch-resistant. It provides traction for your pet so you know they will be comfortable. Be careful of spillages and lifting.


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