What Is a Gas Home Buyer’s Report?

You’re taking the plunge and buying your dream home. The price is right, the interior is perfect, but have you factored in the boiler?

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Boiler replacement is expensive, and when you’re buying a house, you may negotiate the price based on issues. A gas home buyer’s report highlights any issues there are with the boiler and is conducted by a surveyor.

What Happens During a Home Buyer’s Report?

The first step is to conduct a gas tightness test at the meter to see if there are any leaks. It then prints the results out. The surveyor checks the boiler to see if it’s compliant with gas and safety regulations, and they check the flue for corrosion.

A common issue in combination boilers is undersized pipes. The gas rate is assessed to check the boiler is receiving enough gas to burn.

A flue test is conducted to check for any combustion problems. This is done with a flue gas analyser, and faults are recorded on the Gas Safe certificate. It’s important to have the flue checked because if it’s not working properly then there’s an increased risk of gas fires. The flue test also assesses whether there is enough ventilation and nothing is obstructed.

If there are any gas fireplaces in the house, they are checked to ensure they’re working properly. Gas fires are extremely dangerous but are preventable if the fireplaces are safe.

All the other appliances in the home are checked, and a further gas tightness test is carried out. You’ll receive a full written report which will detail any issues and the cost of fixing them.

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Things to Consider

It might be inevitable that you have to purchase a new boiler, but negotiating with the current owners can lower the cost. If you’re looking for Boiler Installation in Bristol and the surrounding areas, there are reputable companies such as bristolboilerservice.co.uk.

Your new property should be in working order, so it’s important for you to have checks carried out. It will highlight any issues and save you from some nasty surprises.

If gas appliances aren’t installed properly, they can be very dangerous. Having a home Gas Safety report carried out can be a matter of life and death for you and your family. Remember, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal.

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