Volcanoes. Deadly mountain.

There has been a lot of coverage recently about two active volcanoes. One is in Hawaii and the other is in Malaysia. These represent the most destructive force that nature has as its disposal. It is not just the flaming lava but the huge amount of dust and ash that is thrown into the air. When Mt St Helens grumbled before it eruption the enterprising locals used the extra ahs to make souvenir ashtrays for smokers out of it.

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The Earth is unstable. The continents float on a sea of magma and volcanoes are the ruptures and vents where the plates of the continent meet. As they float the magma is forced up through the vents in the form of lava. It is this dangerous material that sweeps all before it setting organic substances alight or simply devouring the landscape. This is one way that new lands are formed and an excellent example of this is the island of Lanzarote. It is thought following geological study that the island increased in size threefold following the eruption of lava that whist also being extremely destructive, the ensuing lava flow rolled over the western side of the island creating the Timanfaya national park where they boast a grill that is powered by a blob of lava that cooks meat and seafood. The heat is so intense that the grill is twenty foot above the intrusion otherwise it will burn.  If you want to have a bbq at home with a great heat to cook your meats you might need your own briquetting machines from sites such as https://iwmachines.co.uk/en/products/briquetting-machines/. These are also great to have if you are a business as they can create a renewable source of energy.

The most celebrated volcano is that of the cone like mountain. Deadly lava spews forth from its open maw severely poisonous gases and ash escape out into the atmosphere. The famous examples of a destructive eruption are Mount Vesuvius, and its why we think of a cone shape more than others. There are perfectly preserved evidence in the form of fleeing agonised victims. The ash killed the fleeing inhabitants more than the lava as it choked the life out of people as the ran. We also have Roman histories that are accurately and well written to draw upon.

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The other types of Volcano that appear are the Shield volcano. This is a broader, flatter sloping volcano type. These are the ones that are most common in Hawaii and Iceland. They put out much less runny lava and don’t explode in quiet such a dramatic way as the conical ones. This is good as when owned in Reykjavik the locals had time to spray and cool it with icy water saving the capital.

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