Top tips for maintaining your flat roof

Protection is vital for flat roofs as they cannot shed water as efficiently as other roofs. Follow these top tips to maintain your flat roof.

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Inspect the roof regularly

Ensure you inspect the roof every few months, either by looking from a second-floor window or by using a ladder.

On asphalt-roll roofs look for tears, blisters, loose seams and holes, as well as rust or pitting on metal roofs. Ensure patches are added and repairs made in a timely manner to prevent leaks.

Some flat roofing can have a life expectancy of up to 50 years, but it is essential to inspect the roof regularly.

Protective paint

To protect asphalt-roll roofs against damage from ultraviolet rays produced by the sun, paint the surface with a reflective asphalt aluminium paint. This will reseal the roof against water and lubricate the roofing.

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Revive the roof surface

After many years, asphalt roofs tend to become a jumble of patches and repairs. Revive the roof by brushing a layer of asphalt roof coating across the surface.

If your roof cannot be repaired, consult a company such as for Gloucester flat roofing.

Fix blisters

If you discover any blisters on the asphalt roll roofing, trapped moisture is usually to blame. Cut down the middle of the blister using a utility knife, which will release the moisture. Allow the blister to dry, and then fill the cavity with roofing cement using a caulking gun. Hammer in a line of roofing nails along each side of this cut, applying more cement to the nail heads and the cut. Using a similar roofing material, cut a patch measuring a few inches wider and longer than the area of damage. Nail this patch on top of the repaired area, sealing with roofing cement.

Fixing aluminium roofing

A leak can be easily fixed using fibreglass mesh. Clean the area using a wire brush, following with a coating of roofing cement. Cover this with one fibreglass patch, and add a layer of more cement. Finish with a second patch and a final layer of cement.

Reflective roofing

When re-roofing a flat roof, consider installing a reflective roof material. Products such as this can lower roof temperatures by up to 38°C, which is especially useful during the summer and in warmer climates.

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