Top Five Car Tracking Devices

It’s a nightmare no car owner ever wants to face, leaving your home to jump in your car only to discover it has been stolen. Cars are expensive items and the loss of one to thieves can be a devastating experience.

Top Five Car Tracking Devices

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Now, though, there is a tool that car owners can use to fight back against the thieves, and that is the trusty GPS car tracker. Simply by looking at their phone, a car owner can locate the position of their vehicle anywhere in the world and increase the chances of their car being found and returned.

How Do They Work?

Vehicle tracking devices use a Global Positioning System transmitter to pinpoint the location of your car. The tracker receives information from a satellite and then calculates the distance between the vehicle and satellite to determine its position on the earth.

Easily Installed

GPS tracking devices can be easily installed in vehicles without anyone knowing they are there. Companies like can offer a vehicle tracking service.

Top Five Tracking Devices

Top Five Car Tracking Devices2

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1. Spark Nano

The Spark Nano vehicle tracker is one of the most popular devices on the market as it is easy to install and has a simple web based interface. This affordable tracker allows the owner to set pre-determined areas, with a text message sent to the owner should their vehicle travel outside the area.

2. Zoombak Advanced A-GPS

This tracker can be attached to your car battery and can also run on its own power. Buyers seem to love its convenient features, like SMS and email alerts if the car strays where it shouldn’t.

3. Escort Entourage PS

This model allows live monitoring of your vehicle. Owners can track their car’s whereabouts by paying a monthly subscription, while the devices also have advanced features like geofencing.

4. Garmin GTU 10

The Garmin GTU 10 is one of the more affordable trackers in this list. It comes with a one-year subscription and will keep a history of your car’s whereabouts for seven days

5. LoJack

Owners of this device will need deep pockets, as you’ll need your original dealer to install the device in your vehicle. The LoJack is unique in that it uses radio frequencies to inform the police directly of a stolen vehicle. This device is perfect if you own a collectable or expensive car.

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