Tips for decorating a loft conversion

Loft conversions can be completed for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for an extra bedroom, a home office or a games room. They offer a great use of extra room, giving modern families more flexibility in their living space. As well as the countless benefits, a loft conversion can also add value to a property. So, now there is all this additional living space, it’s time to turn thoughts towards how to go about decorating it to be the most welcoming room and entirely fit for the required purpose.

There are many things to consider, including lighting choices, furnishings and colour schemes. It’s vital to get the decorating aspect spot on, especially after investing in such a transformation for your property. Here are some of things to get right:


Loft conversions with low or pitched ceilings can feel a little cramped, so it’s best to avoid darker colours. Bright neutrals are a popular choice for both the walls and flooring, helping to make the room feel airier. Mirrors are also a clever trick to making a space feel bigger, as they reflect the available light. Painting walls and the ceiling the same light shade will also help to avoid creating an obvious contrast and emphasizing a low or pitched ceiling.

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How you illuminate a room has a big impact on how it is used and how the size of the room is perceived. Spotlights are a popular choice in lofts as they save on space with bulbs set into the ceiling as opposed to having hanging pendants or lampshades. Avoid unnecessary heat loss by installing Downlight Covers from a site like Natural lighting is important in a loft conversion too, so consider Velux skylights that can be fitted into a sloped ceiling and take up no extra space.


Furniture should have particular attention paid to it as it must be functional and suitable for the space, which can sometimes be awkward or unusually shaped. The sloped ceilings of some conversions can make conventional furniture inappropriate, plus too much furniture will start to make the area feel cramped.

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One solution could be fitted units and bespoke cupboards, for example. If the loft is to be used as a bedroom, choosing a bed with additional drawer storage underneath is a good idea. Aim for cabinets that are wider than they are tall for home offices or living room spaces.

Also bear in mind that it could awkward getting certain types of furniture up the staircase and into the loft. It might be worth considering flat pack furniture, which can be carried up still in boxes and assembled on site.

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