Tips for Creating a Luxury Bathroom

There’s nothing like having a soothing, relaxing bath after a long day. Your bathroom shouldn’t just be a functional place – it should be your haven too. With the right tips you can turn your drab bathroom into a luxury retreat.

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Choosing materials to complement your bathroom can help give it a classy look. High-quality materials such as marble, travertine and limestone are popular because they provide an element of style and sophistication. Solid wood and stone are also great choices.


Bathroom storage is important to reduce cluttering. Shampoo bottles, body washes and other essential items can be stored away. White, wood and gloss finished all look good in bathrooms, and it’s best to find some bespoke designs rather that tailor the storage cabinets to use every part of available space. People with small bathrooms should invest in wall-mounted cabinets to increase floor space.


This is probably the most important part of your bathroom. Investing in a nice bath will be a good long-term plan and will enable you to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. People with small bathrooms should find a good shower to put over their bath. Showers have different features, including power showers and thermostatic control.

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The shower doors and bath panels also shouldn’t be overlooked. The appearance of your shower matters, and 12mm shower glass panels can complement the aesthetics. You can find them at places such as

Another key element is sanitary ware. Wall-hung toilets maximise space and achieve a contemporary look. Two basins side by side give a “his and hers” look as well as being a great time saver in the morning rush.

Attention to Detail

If you live in a cold area, then underfloor heating will be a very welcome extra. Heated towel rails can also help to make your bathroom routine comfortable. For a relaxing evening bath, install a dimmer switch to create the perfect environment. Illuminated cabinets and mirrors help when applying makeup or shaving.

Bathroom time can be made easier by tiny details such as soft-closing toilet seats, cabinet drawers and doors. Technology is developing at a fast rate, and you don’t even need to miss your favourite TV shows with a waterproof LCD television and Bluetooth concealed speakers.

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