Things to Look for When Choosing a Security Guard Service

Security guard services are a great way to protect your business. There are few more effective security measures than a trained, skilled human being acting as both a deterrent and a fast, readily-available, trained responder.

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Security companies can offer a range of services, including patrols, static security operatives in key locations such as entrances or an alarm response. However, making sure that you choose the right company – one which will provide these services to a high standard and ensure your business is protected – can be difficult. Some of the things you should look for when choosing a provider of security guard services include the following.

Recruitment Standards

In order to work as a security guard, an individual must have proper training and the necessary skills. However, this does not necessarily mean that one security guard is just as good as another. Some companies are stricter than others when it comes to checking things like background, experience and performance in previous roles. This means that some companies are very likely to provide quality security guards who offer high standards, while others offer more of a lucky dip.

Companies with high recruitment standards often understand that this is a selling point. If they are confident in their hiring practices, they may well boast about it on their website and in promotional material. Obviously, you can’t just take the company’s own word as gospel, but if their claims seem confident and they are able to back it up with a brief but specific rundown of exactly what they demand from their guards, they may well be telling the truth.


In selecting a provider of security services, you might well want to select a company that is either local or has multiple premises, including one near you.

Choosing a local supplier is quite likely to be desirable in any circumstances. It becomes a must, however, if you are looking for a service such as alarm response. The closer the provider is to you, the faster their response will be should a situation arise. Even if a company confidently insists that they do cover areas as far afield as yours, this will still significantly slow response times and result in an inferior service.

Range of Services

A security guard company that offers a wide range of services has several advantages. Firstly, a comprehensive selection of services often indicates a well-established, successful company which is serious about security – though this is not foolproof so much as a quick indicator. Furthermore, even if you only want to make use of one of their services initially, if you want to step up security later, it will give you more choice without the need to go elsewhere.

As a security officer it is really important to know you are safe and secure and being able to access properties can sometimes be essential. If your inspecting a property with a broken door lock or window a Locksmith Sheffield company such as could be useful in their role.

If you are very confident you only want one service, then it is best to go either for a company offering a great range of services or only the one you need. The former carries all the advantages detailed above, and the latter may indicate a highly specialist firm.

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