Things not to store in a storage unit

Although from the outside the topic of ‘self-storage’ may seem a little dull – large cold rooms filled with furniture and stock – some self-storage companies do report finding some pretty weird and wonderful things behind their shutters!

ANIMALS – dead or alive! Yes, it does happen. Storage units are not for keeping beloved dead pets or for use as kennels while you go on holiday! For more information on what can and can’t be stored safely, consider Self Storage Chorley. Visit a site like Andrew Porter, a supplier of Self Storage Chorley.

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HUMANS- dead or alive! Although some stores have access 24/7, this does not mean that someone can live in a unit on a permanent stay. It may be cheaper than renting these days but there are no plumbing facilities and the insurance companies don’t like it much either! Additionally, whilst some units are chilled – they are definitely not morgues!

DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES – anything considered flammable, toxic or hazardous is certainly not allowed in a storage unit. Such materials might include kerosene, gasoline, compressed gas and propane tanks, for example. Other substances not permitted include biological waste, radioactive waste, motor oil, acid, grease, fertilizer, paint, cleaning chemicals or drugs. Asbestos or asbestos-containing products may also not permitted – or fireworks or any other form of explosives.

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STOLEN OR ILLEGAL ITEMS – if you do not legally own it, you cannot legally keep it or store it at a storage unit or your own home!

CASH – for this you will require a specialist service that includes safety deposit boxes at a bank, in your home or a specialist business.

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