The most remote travel destinations in the world

For some, the term ‘getting away from it all’ means going somewhere that feels seriously remote. From the Gobi Desert to the Scottish Highlands, read on for our essential round up of the most exciting and most beautiful remote travel locations on Earth.

The most remote travel destinations in the world

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Petit St. Vincent, Caribbean islands

If being remote means being somewhere where anyone can’t just turn up, then this private island is the place for you. Located between Saint Vincent and Saint George, this island is quite literally, a paradise on Earth. This island boasts just 22 cottages and can only be reached by boat. There are no televisions, no mobile phones and no keys, just serenity all around.

Scottish Highlands

Remote and yet tantalisingly close, some parts of the Scottish Highlands feel as far from your everyday life as you can imagine . If you head to Loch Hourne in the northwest Scottish Highlands, you’ll feel amazed that you can be so near to the rest of the western world and yet feel so far away from it. Scotland’s self-dubbed ‘wildest guest house’, Skiara, sits on the banks of this Loch, and guests can enjoy back to basics living with no mobile phone signal and no electricity.

Gobi Desert Mongolia

Some parts of Mongolia take so long to reach, that they feel almost otherworldly. As the fourth most sparsely populated country in the world, it’s easy to feel like you’ve escaped from it all. Much of the Gobi is inhospitable, but around the edges there are plenty of opportunities to stay in traditional Mongolian yurts that quite literally take you back in time. Some yurt companies offer both remoteness and luxury service in one. Mongolia may be an almost unheard of travel destination, but it’s earned a mention by travel experts, LostWaldo.

Grand Canyon

Despite being in of one of the world’s most heavily populated western countries, the Grand Canyon still feels like one of the most isolated places on Earth. Just a couple of hours’ drive from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon retains an almost eerie atmosphere. For a bit of luxury in the remoteness, you can stay at the Amangiri resort at the base of a mountain with the same name, where you’ll enjoy undisturbed views of the panorama, whilst also relaxing with spa treatments and excellent service.

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