The five golden rules of a new website

With a saturated internet, any new website must stand out from the crowd. Here are five golden rules that every website should adhere to.

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1. Start a blog

Including a blog on your website lets you showcase your expertise by providing regular content that audiences will keep coming back to read. Importantly, a blog is great for SEO. According to Entrepreneur, your website is more likely to appear higher in search engine result pages if you have a blog.

2. A website for all devices

With more of us using mobile devices to search online, it stands to reason that new websites should be designed to be viewable on any device. This is called responsive design. Once you have set up your site in this format, you do not have to redesign it for other devices. Having a responsive website lets you maximise the number of people who visit your site and enhance the user experience.

3. Content management

It is worth having a professional content management system built into a new website to ensure it is properly organised, well designed, and allows you to easily make simple changes. This means you do not need to contact the web developer every time you want to add a photo or change some text. You can leave them to get on with other important tasks relating to your site, such as PPC services from experts such as

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4. Call to action

Your website should serve a purpose, whether you want users to get in touch, make a purchase or spread awareness. Every new website should make this purpose clear by using a call to action. Ideally, include a call to action on every page and make it obvious what this is. Use a button or coloured text to make your call to action stand out and use actionable words and phrases, such as ‘buy now’, ‘get in touch’ and ‘download’.

5. Engage with users

Make it easy for users to engage with your brand on your website in a less-direct way than asking them to buy or contact you. This is especially beneficial for those visitors to your site who may not be at the stage to commit to a conversion. Ways to achieve this include offering visitors something, such as a free e-book in return for their email address.

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