The Enduring Appeal of London’s Green Squares

Homes with access to a private garden generally command prices with a significant premium, as figures have indicated that buyers are prepared to pay top rates for a property with access to some beautifully maintained greenery. Research demonstrates that for exclusive addresses in Central London, purchasers would consider paying up to a third more for a residence with a key to a private square.

The Enduring Appeal of Londons Green Squares

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An Oasis for the Right Price

Not everyone can afford real estate in some of the most costly parts of London. Those determined to have a home that comes with a private garden could consider living outside the centre where the square could be just as ravishing, without the exorbitant price tag.

For inspiration on how tranquil a green space in London can be, a report from The Telegraph on the capital’s loveliest secret gardens will give the reader wisteria and pergola envy.

Areas with charming garden squares that purchasers may have not have considered include Hackney, Kennington and Camberwell. For example, a three-bedroom house on Fassett Square in Dalston, E8 – the inspiration for Albert Square in EastEnders – will set you back around a million pounds.

Every part of London has garden gems. A report in the Wimbledon Guardian highlights how many wonderful gardens there are in south London.

Conducting the Search

Rather than exhaust yourself tramping all over the city, it could be worth engaging the services of property buying agents in London who stay abreast of homes entering the market that fit your specifications.

Every year the Open Garden Squares Weekend allows people to buy tickets and wander private gardens. There were more than 200 gardens to explore in the 2016 event, held in late June. That’s a lot of gardens to keep track of for those determined to have garden square access, so it could definitely save a lot of time to call in the professionals, such as among numerous others.

For many reasons, access to a private garden is something everyone in the family can enjoy. For some, access to nature is more than a mild desire, it is a physical need. With patience, it should be possible to find a property that offers the bricks, mortar and plants needed for a happy life.

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