The Best Blogs for Car Lovers

For those of you who cannot resist cars and automotive news, you might be interested in the best car blogs to follow. Here are a few:

  1. Carwitter

This blog was created by a serious car fan who left his job to focus his attention on his real love – cars. The blog is the winner of the best Automotive UK Blog Award of 2017 and the best Automotive Business Blog UK. It’s packed full of advice, news, reviews and latest information.

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  1. Motor Verso

The aim of this blog is on providing stunning photography and interesting articles about any unusual cars. There are good reviews on both gadgets, cars and accessories. You will also find articles about travel, like the best destinations for a road trip. Heaps of imagery and ideas for your next trip can be found here. Unfortunately, our beloved cars can’t last forever. When yours dies, consider a Car Scrap Yard Birmingham like

  1. Daily Car Blog

This blog provides current, up-to-date and frequently updated content about car news, new releases, industry information, reviews and features. There is also an entire section dedicated to Formula 1 and a lot of video content. The team is composed of five authors with an informal approach.

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  1. Foxy Lady Drivers Club

This is a blog dedicated to helping women inside an industry that is still heavily dominated by men. You’ll find features on women in motor sport and a lot of tips and reviews aimed directly at female drivers. This blog has nearly 5000 Twitter followers, so the resources are very useful and welcomed by the many female car owners out there.


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