The benefits of the new garage door

Most homeowners will probably not put the maintenance of their garage door at the top of their ‘jobs that need doing’ list. Garages are often overlooked areas, forgotten other than when storage needs arise, such as storing away bikes, lawnmowers and sun loungers. It won’t be until the weather improves that we start venturing out again and it’s only then that we realize there might be a problem with the garage door, if it squeaks or won’t open properly.

Repair or replace?

The first question is if the door can be repaired or is it more sensible to replace it with a new one? Garage doors supply the essential function of hiding and protecting what’s stored inside, like sports equipment, tools or valuable vehicles. Therefore, it should be secure and lockable. This applies to every internal door leading from the garage into the house as well.

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Here are the benefits of installing a new garage door:

Painting old doors or installing new locks will not add anywhere near the amount of value to your property that new doors will bring. It is a fairly large home improvement, increasing insulation, energy efficiency and security.


If the current garage door has been in situ for years, the exterior will be worn down, allowing more cold air during the winter to enter your home. Conversely, during hot weather, a garage door can make your space feel like a sauna. New modern garage doors offer improved insulation all round including ensuring the area stays cool in summer and warm in winter. For Garage Doors Essex, visit a site like Lime BDS, a leading supplier of Garage Doors Essex.

Energy saving

Increased insulation of new doors has the added benefit of helping you to save money on energy costs. New doors can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the property, keeping down the cost of heating and electricity bills.

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Everyone wants to feel secure and safe in their home but older doors are much more vulnerable to burglary. Installing the latest design of garage door can improve the security of your property because it is made of materials that are more durable to prevent any attempt at breaking in. Contemporary designs are also safer for kids and pets, particularly ones with a photoelectric sensor for opening and closing.


Of course, the shiny new doors will be able to improve the exterior appearance of your home, especially if your garage door is very visible from the street. The style, colour and material you choose will have a significant impact on the curb appeal of your property.

There are so many types to choose from. Materials to choose from include aluminium, wood, steel and fibreglass. You may want a certain style that can include a modern, state / barn, traditional, or vintage carriage house. You also can adapt to any style of window to fit perfectly with the style of your garage door.

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