The advantages of using brick cladding

Whichever country or region you live in, you will find that the materials used to construct houses, apartments and buildings are often reasonably priced and readily available. The abundance of certain raw materials will often direct the local construction industries’ end product; for example, an area filled with forests and an abundance of trees equates to timber abodes. The same applies to desert and frozen environments, where both sand-based structures and igloos can be found.

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Why does the UK love its bricks?

Clay is in abundance in the UK. As a key element in bricks, it is also the dominating factor when it comes to the construction of buildings. This creates uniformity, with the cladding often used in older homes to conform to these social expectations. This is especially important, as research shows that timber is prone to damp in addition to being a fire risk.

What is brick cladding?

Cladding is a component that is attached to a primary structure and forms a non-structural surface. Unlike a solid building, the cladding cannot stand on its own and does not increase the building’s stability; however, it does play a structural role and has numerous advantages:

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– It can provide openings for ventilation, daylight and access.
– It generates an increasingly airtight envelope.
– It prevents the spread of fire.
– It creates a uniform external façade.
– It provides thermal insulation.
– It is effective to prevent sound transmission.
– It adds an extra layer of security and privacy.
– It protects the building from external elements.
– It is lightweight and therefore easy to manipulate and handle during installation.
– It is very stylish and attractive and hides ugly and worn structures beautifully.

Well-designed, high-quality and properly installed cladding helps to reduce the need for continuous electrical and mechanical maintenance. It effectively improves energy, thereby lowering running costs.

The structural role that comes into play when using curtain wall, lumber or even brick cladding a building is the transference of wind loads, snow loads and impact loads.

The quality of the cladding plays a big role in the effectiveness and longevity of the project. While you can purchase it in various forms and material types, it is often available in prefabricated panels. Some even have additional components such as roof lights, gutters, doors and windows.


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